New York City's Best Pain Management Doctors


New York Cities Top Pain Management Doctors

Pain Management:


      1. lumbar epidural injections (translaminar, caudal, transforaminal)
      2. Sacro-iliac joint injections
      3. Lumbar facet joint injections and medial branch blocks
      4. Cervical /thoracic epidural injections (translaminar, transforaminal)
      5. Cervical/thoracic facet joint injections and medial branch block
      6. Radiofrequency ablation of cervical/thoracic and lumbar facet joints
      7. Occipital nerve blocks
      8. Shoulder/knee/hip and other joint injections under ultrasound /fluoroscope guidance
      9. Carpal tunnel syndrome injection
      10. Peripheral nerve blocks
      11. Tennis /golf elbow and other tendon injections
      12. Injections for Plantar fasciitis and foot conditions
      13. Discograms
      14. Disc related procedures
      15. Electrodiagnostic studies (EMG/NCV)
      16. Message therapy/physical therapy and therapeutic exercises
      17. Meditational methodology (mind body approach)
      18. Integrated medicine (nutrition, weight management and use of supplements)
      19. Addiction treatment
      20. injections with ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance
      21. Braces/orthotics: use of orthotics /braces help to give rest to inflamed joints, strained muscles and tendons. Important aspect is judicious use as unnecessary application may lead to weakening of structures.
      22. Encounter with physician: history /examination/rapport /guidance/education/inspiration
      23. Imaging : MRI/X-rays/CAT scan etc
      24. Labs


Low Back
Hip & Groin

A: Regions:  

     1.  Head: greater occipital nerve block.

     2.  Injection for migraine (Mg SO4 )


1.       Trigger point injections

2.       Epidural injection

3.       Transforaminal epidural injection

4.       Facet joint block

5.       Medial branch block

6.       Radiofrequency of facet joints


1.       Thoracic epidural

2.       Transformanial epidural

3.       Facet joint injection

4.       Medial branch block

5.       Radiofrequency of thoracic facet joints

6.       Intercostal nerve block

Low Back

1.       Caudal epidural injection

2.       Lumbar epidural injection

3.       Transforaminal epidural injection

4.       Lumbar facet joint injection

5.       Medial branch block

6.       Radiofrequency of lumbar joints

7.       Sacro-ileaus joint injection

8.       Trigger point injection for low back pain

       9.     Priformis injection 

Hip & Groin

1.       Hip intra-articular injection

2.       Greater trochanter bursitis injection

3.       Adductor tendon injury injection

4.       Hamstring tendinitis injection

5.       Pudendal nerve block 


  1. Knee intra-articular injection
  2. Ligament and tendon injection

Foot & Ankle
elbow & Forearm
Hand & Wrist
Foot & Ankle

1.       Plantar fasciitis injection

2.       Morton neuroma

3.       Sprain and joint inflammation 


1.       shoulder intraarticular injection

2.       suprascapular injection

3.       tendinitis injection 

elbow & Forearm

1.       epicondylitis (medial and lateral)

2.       elbow joint injection 

Hand & Wrist

1.       carpal tunnel injection

2.       wrist intra-articular injection

3.       DeQurvain tenosynovitis injection

4.       Trigger finger injection

5.       All injections are done under ultrasound guidance or fluoroscopic guidance to deposit the medication in precise location and to avoid placement in advert ant locations or structures.

6.       Injections have to be followed by a program of therapeutic stretches and strengthening program. 



Use of anti-inflammatory medication for a pronged time may harm a person. Similarly pain medications can lead to addiction and other side-effects that may be ignored by the patient because of severity and unpleasant effects of pain.  Suffering can be minimized through understanding of disorder/pathology and side-effects profile of medication.

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